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GNU Smalltalk user's manual


이화영 (Hwa Young Lee)


GNU Smalltalk user's manual

번역관련 내용


Part I gnu Smalltalk User's Guide

Part II gnu Smalltalk Library Reference - Base Library

Part III gnu Smalltalk Library Reference - Additional Library
Part III - chpater 1 - Graphical users interfaces with BLOX

Part III - chpater 2 - Complex number computations

Part III - chpater 3 - Database connectivity with DBI

Part III - chpater 4 - Controlling Smalltalk processes with DebugTools

Part III - chpater 5 - Multilingual and international support with Iconv and I18N

Part III - chpater 6 - Network programming with Sockets

Part III - chpater 7 - Compressing and decompressing data with ZLib

Part III - chpater 8 - Libraries for the SAX, DOM, XPath and XSLT standards