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==smalltalk관련 ebook==
==smalltalk관련 ebook==

* [[흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/SqueakByExample_ebook|Squeak By Example for ebook collection list]]
* [흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/SqueakByExample_ebook Squeak By Example]
* [[흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/Computer Programming with GNU Smalltalk|Computer Programming with GNU Smalltalk for ebook collection list]]
* [흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/Computer+Programming+with+GNU+Smalltalk&bookcmd=load_collection Computer Programming with GNU Smalltalk]
* [[흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion|The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion for ebook collection list]]
* [흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/The+Design+Patterns+Smalltalk+Companion&bookcmd=load_collection The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion]
* [흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/Smalltalk_Best_Practice_Patterns Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns]
* [ Smalltalk Objects and Design]
* [ The Art and Science of Smalltalk]
* [ Deep Into Pharo]
* [ SMALLTALK-80/The Language and Its Implementation]
==Object Pascal관련 ebook==
* [흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/Start_Programming_using_Object_Pascal Start Programming using Object Pascal for ebook collection list]
* [흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/Lazarus_Complete_Guide Lazarus Complete Guide for ebook collection list]
** [흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/Lazarus_Complete_Guide_Part1 Lazarus Complete Guide Part1]
** [흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/Lazarus_Complete_Guide_Part2 Lazarus Complete Guide Part2]
** [흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/Lazarus_Complete_Guide_Part3 Lazarus Complete Guide Part3]
** [흡혈양파의_인터넷工房:책/Lazarus_Complete_Guide_Part4 Lazarus Complete Guide Part4]
==Gnome 관련 ebook==
* [ Foundations of GTK Development]
* [ GNOME3 Application Development Beginners Guide]
==link example==

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